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About the RocketCOMS Platform

What is RocketCOMS?

The RocketCOMS platform provides a complete solution to manage your SMS marketing activities. Our suite of APIs allows you to set up and manage your brands and campaigns, use batch files to upload or download SMS messages, and retrieve statistics for campaigns and messages.

In addition, the RocketCOMS Portal allows non-developers – such as your Management, Operations, and Support teams – to perform many of the same functions as the APIs using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. You can create and manage brands and campaigns, quickly view campaign statistics, and view detailed campaign results. You can also use the Portal to manage settings such as roles, permissions, and user access.

Just use the APIs or Portal to set up your brand and campaign details, then let RocketCOMS take care of the rest, including:

  • Registering your brands and campaigns with The Campaign Registry (TCR)
  • Launching campaigns to ensure your SMS marketing messages are delivered to your mobile subscribers
  • Tracking campaign responses from your mobile users
  • Compiling statistics about your campaigns and SMS messages

Launching an SMS Messaging Campaign

The following diagram shows how an SMS messaging campaign is created and launched on the RocketCOMS platform.

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RocketCOMS SMS Messaging Campaign Flow


  1. Use RocketCOMS to define your brand. RocketCOMS sends the brand details to The Campaign Registry (TCR) for verification and registration.
  2. TCR verifies the brand and returns the registration status to RocketCOMS.
  3. Use RocketCOMS to create an SMS messaging campaign for the brand. RocketCOMS sends the campaign details to TCR for verification and registration.
  4. TCR verifies the campaign and returns the registration status to RocketCOMS.
  5. RocketCOMS sends the required campaign information to the Direct Connect Aggregator (DCA).
  6. The DCA sends the required campaign information to the appropriate mobile carrier (called the MNO).
  7. The MNO sends the SMS messages for the campaign to your mobile subscribers.